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Winning Awards

International activity

1990 - Consultatio Co. Pécs-Budapest, Hungary and in the HQ in Vienna, Austria

2008 - Aseco Containers Services Ltd, Budapest, Hungary and in the HQ Gothenburg, Sweden

2009 - Launching EU project for the international market

2010 - Projects in the English and German-speaking countries

2014 - Head office in the United Kingdom, membership of the International Bookkeeper Association

2016 - Participation in the international accountancy IT projects

2018 -  Participation in the international taxation platforms

2020 -  Participation in the international standard practice


In Vienna, Austria

  • Established and ran accounting practice in the SME sector
  • Liaised extensively with clients to advise them on investments possibilities and project goals


History of the company`s awards

  • In 2002 - Two business plans won awards in the national contest by Career Foundation, the  high award in the final of Kaposvár region, 2004, Hungary
  • In 2003 - Annual support of the Hungarian Business Incubator Association, Budapest, Hungary
  • In 2004 - Our educational method was awarded by the Hungarian  Innovation Association, Budapest 
  • In 2004 - Multiplicator training, assembling OFA, HEFOP, GVOP applications, successful EU tenders
    • Entry to the register of the Ministry of Economics and Transport
    • Participation in the 6th Collective Research Program
  • In 2005 - Successful trademark qualification of CONTROLLER 2000 REGULATIONS, CONTROLLER 2000 NOTES (Essays), CONTROLLER 2000 BUSINESS PLANS
  • Successful participation in the ICT (Information Communication Technology) course by the Hungarian Standards Institution
  • In 2006 - Successful participation in the Innovation manager training program by INNOSTART Foundation
  • In 2006 - Launching ISO 9001 Quality Management System by TÜV Rheinland Intercert Ltd.
  • In 2007 - Launching into the international market


Winning Awards Articles


  • Personal and material conditions of stocktaking  (article published in the journal Accountancy-Taxation-Audit, Pages 369-372, September / 1995)
  • Computer-supported inventory techniques  (article published in the journal  Accountancy-Taxation-Audit,   Pages 128-131, March / 1996)
  • From quality management to chartered accountant training - (a training methodology for graduates,  article published in the journal Accountancy-Taxation-Audit,  Pages 350-353, July / August / 2002)



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