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Products/Advice for companies and nonprofit organizations

ACCOUNTING POLICY in standard style 

Accounting Policy in the
* Construction industry, manufacturing and processing industries,

* commercial service companies, agricultural enterprises,
* special groups: estate agents, general practitioners, pharmacies,

travel agencies, consultant enterprises,  
* non-government organizations, charities, nonprofit bodies.


ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING (AML) regulations for auditors and others

(related to t he law concerning  Section 11 of the Money Laundering Regulations 2017  )


We apply questionnaire forms to collect the necessary information for the adaptation. 


These Regulations apply to the following

(a) “auditor” ie any firm or individual who is

        - the statutory auditor, or

        - the local auditor, 

(b) "insolvency practitioner"

(c) “external accountant” 

(d) “tax adviser”.





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